Family activities

Castle Craig believes it is very important to involve family members and / or loved ones of patients in the treatment. People are often full of questions, feel powerless, are angry or very sad about everything that has happened.

Therefore Castle Craig Netherlands family members and / or loved ones, organize workshops and, if necessary, joint therapy sessions. We want to help our patients' family, friends, colleagues and employers understand the background of addiction and its effects, and help them support the patient's recovery process.

If a family member of yours is receiving treatment with us, you may be invited to participate in one of these activities. During these activities you will receive information about our vision on addiction, advice on dealing with addiction and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You will also receive literature on addiction and especially its recovery. There is also plenty of information about the family self-help groups, including Al-Anon, Co-Anon, Nar-Anon and 'Help, my loved one is addicted!'.

Family and loved ones workshops

Castle Craig Nederland offers monthly 1-day family and loved ones workshops. During these workshops various topics related to alcohol-/drug addiction and its influence on (family) life.

For more information about our family activities, costs and reimbursement through your health insurance company you can contact Contact us.