Family program

Having an addiction not only has an impact on the addict's life, but also on the people in his or her immediate environment, such as family members, friends and colleagues. In addition, involvement of family members in addiction treatment and a strong support network of friends and colleagues is very important to the successful recovery of our patients.

That is why we also pay attention to the patient's immediate environment and we like to involve them in the process of recovery. Sometimes we recommend making the employer and colleagues part of the support network during and after treatment.

As part of the treatment we also provide family therapy at. Everyone who receives an intake with us can indicate who is eligible for this. The persons specified by you will be invited to a family workshop and can be involved in the treatment. Of course only if you give permission for this.

This family therapy is also offered at our clinic in Scotland. This treatment is offered under the name goccupational therapy for family in Scotland.

Do you want more information about this? Check out our about page help for family and loved ones