Outpatient day treatment for addiction

If admission is not necessary or not possible, the practitioner usually recommends day treatment. This outpatient treatment consists of a combination of group therapy, psychoeducation and individual discussions. This combination offers a person with an addiction tools to deal with his or her addiction. In this way, we enable someone to gain more control over the addiction.

If you have been admitted earlier, this form of treatment can also be a follow-up process. After clinical treatment in Scotland, the practitioner usually advises day treatment. The total day treatment process takes six to twelve weeks.

What does the day treatment look like?

An individual treatment plan is drawn up at the start of the treatment. In addition to group therapy, this treatment plan also includes individual treatment. Each patient is assigned an individual practitioner who is available outside of group therapy.

The group therapy takes place in a group with a maximum of 12 people. Weekly treatment goals are set that are worked on during group therapy. These are assignments that tie in with your individual process. Furthermore, we will delve deeper into what addiction is and lectures will be given on addictions, addiction behavior in general, and other addiction-related topics.

 Additional information about day care at Castle Craig can be found here.