Information about addictions

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification or 'detox' is a necessary step in the recovery process and indicates the process of withdrawal from an addictive substance. Detoxification can be done both from the home situation and by admission to our clinic. Depending on the circumstances, it is also possible to undergo the detox treatment at one of our fellow treatment centers in the Netherlands. Which treatment is right for you depends on the severity of the addiction

It is important to realize that detoxification is only the first step of the treatment. It takes more than just detoxification to permanently recover from addiction.

During the treatment you will be carefully guided by the medical team to ensure that everything goes well. The goal is to monitor and slowly reduce withdrawal symptoms. If necessary, you will be prescribed medication to make the detoxification process as pleasant as possible.

It can be a tough and difficult process to get from a alcohol- or drug addiction to get rid of. Therefore, following therapy during the detox treatment is an effective combination.