Day treatment

Day treatment for addiction

The day treatment takes place 3 half days per week and consists of a combination of: group therapy, lectures (psycho-education) and individual conversations. This treatment gives you the necessary tools for more control over the addiction. The day treatment lasts six to twelve weeks.

Why is day treatment necessary?

Detoxification or detoxification is only the first step towards recovery. Weaning under supervision almost always works, the most important thing is to give you the tools afterwards to maintain your recovery at home. Therefore, further treatment is always necessary.

Sometimes admission to a clinic is not immediately necessary, not possible or not indicated. But if weekly consultations are not sufficient either, you can participate in the day treatment. Day treatment can also be a follow-up course of our clinical treatment.

What does my treatment plan look like?

At the start of the day treatment, a treatment plan will be drawn up together with you. You will be assigned your own practitioner who will also guide you individually in addition to group therapy.

We work with groups of up to 12 people. Because of the small scale you get to know each other well and you can support each other in this process. Every week treatment goals are set that you can work on during group therapy. Furthermore, it goes into more detail about what addiction is and lectures are given about addiction and addiction behavior in general.

Day treatment in combination with a safe house

Since 2021 it is possible to have a safe living environment while attending day treatment. It is possible to receive a placement at a safe house during the day treatment (6 or 12 weeks). After completion of the day treatment, there is still 14 weeks to continue working on recovery and your return to your own place.