Clinical Treatment

In our addiction clinics in the Netherlands we offer various forms of outpatient treatment and addiction care. Whether clinical treatment is also necessary depends on your request for help. Sometimes you benefit most from getting away from your own environment, resetting and starting over. If clinical treatment is appropriate for your situation, you can visit our clinics in Scotland and Ireland. Surrounded by a large number of hectares of nature reserve, you can recover in peace here.

During our clinical treatment you can recover from addiction in a safe, controlled environment. The treatment focuses on learning to live without alcohol and/or drugs, breaking your patterns and making the adjustments necessary for an abstinent life. This isn't easy and it's hard work, but us experienced treatment team guides you through every step of this process.

Am I eligible for clinical treatment?

During a consultation, it will be determined whether you are eligible for clinical treatment. This interview takes place after the intake. Together with the coordinating practitioner, you decide which care best suits you and your situation. If it turns out that clinical help is not necessary, the coordinating practitioner may recommend outpatient treatment.

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What are the next steps?

  1. Your treatment can only start once we have received a referral from your doctor. Contact your doctor if you don't have one yet.
  2. When we receive your referral, we will call for a telephone registration interview. During this interview, we confirm your registration and make an appointment for an intake interview.
  3. After the intake interview, we draw up a personal treatment plan together and your treatment can start.

What does a clinical treatment process look like?

Broadly speaking, clinical treatment looks like this: you start (if necessary) with detoxification, receive personal guidance during your admission and aftercare when you return home. We offer tailor-made care, so the actual content of the treatment differs per treatment plan.


When treatment for addiction starts, the addictive substance has to leave the body. We call this detoxification (detox) or detoxification. Many patients dread this, but in many ways it is the easiest phase of treatment. The process is supervised by specialized doctors and nursing staff. They ensure that the detoxification proceeds as quickly and comfortably as possible. An average detoxification from alcohol takes 3 to 5 days. Detoxification from other substances can take a period of 2 weeks or more. The detoxification is done with the help of medication under 24-hour medical supervision.

The treatment

The clinical treatment is a combination of psychotherapy and the 12-step treatment and starts on the second day after arrival. A practitioner will personally guide you during the treatment and is responsible for the individual therapy.

The treatment is intensive, structured and consists of various therapeutic and complementary activities including individual therapy, group therapy, psycho-education, specialized therapies, sports activities, relaxation techniques and the acquisition of self-help methods. There are specialized group therapies for bereavement, eating disorders, trauma and there are separate men's and women's groups.

Aftercare and follow-up treatment

After the clinical treatment, you continue your treatment in the Netherlands. It is often said that "it only starts then". In the clinic you have drawn up an aftercare plan with your personal practitioner. You plan an appointment before your discharge, so that you can immediately follow the treatment when you return home.

In the Netherlands, we discuss the continuation of the treatment based on your aftercare plan. This may consist of a subsequent day treatment, individual therapy or group therapy. The treatments in the Netherlands are offered both face-to-face and online. Any eHealth (online) modules are offered via video calls.