Last updated on April 20: Currently we offer all treatments by means of video calling.

Addiction is a chronic disease, which is why aftercare is an essential part of your total treatment. After treatment, it is of course important that you remain 'in recovery' (clean). For this it is important that you continue with your recovery with the help of our aftercare and the self-help groups.

Aftercare is offered both individually and in groups. The evening groups are supervised by one of our therapists. You may use these groups at any time. We recommend everyone to attend the weekly groups for at least 3 months.

Self-help groups

During your treatment we have already introduced you to the self-help groups and the 12 steps. We encourage you to keep participating in these groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA); Narcotics Anonymous (NA); Cocaine Anonymous (CA); Gamblers Anonymous Environment (AGOG), Sex Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), etc.

We also advise you to immediately find a 'sponsor'. A sponsor is himself an addict in recovery who is active in the groups. Someone who can provide support and understand what you are going through. A sponsor can help you take the first steps in the self-help network.