Obligatory deductible excess

Castle Craig offers both generalist basic mental health care as specialist mental health care. Every Dutch person is insured for this under the basic insurance. If you are eligible for this care and have a referral letter from your GP, you only pay your own risk. Everyone in the Netherlands has a compulsory excess with his or her health insurance.

* The minimum mandatory deductible is € 1 as of January 2023, 385

From 1 January 2022, mental health care treatments will be reimbursed according to the care performance model (ZPM). This is a funding based on the consultations and no longer on the basis of the process. For example, one conversation with a care provider is one separate care performance. The health insurer includes the care performances that take place in a year in the calculation of the deductible for that year. In short: the deductible is charged every year by the health insurer.

More information about the deductible and the care performance model 


Do you not want to use reimbursement from your health insurer and would you rather pay for the treatment yourself? Call us for an appointment.

Reimbursement by health insurers

Castle Craig offers both outpatient and inpatient treatment. We have made contracts with almost all health insurers for care in the Netherlands, which means that the treatment is fully reimbursed. The only exception is ENO.

Are you insured with AND NO (Salland, ZorgDirect and Energiek)? We do not have a contract with these health insurers. As a result, you cannot contact us.


Some exceptions regarding clinical care abroad

  • Are you insured with VGZ (Univé, IZA, IZZ, UMC, Zekur, Bewuzt, MVJP and Zorgzaam Verzekerd) or MENZIS (AnderZorg, HEMA and PMZ)?
    Then you can only qualify for clinical treatment at Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland after approval from your health insurer. An authorization must be requested for this. We help you with that.
  • Are you insured with ASR (ditto) or DSW (in Twente, City of Holland and SZVK)?
    Then you may also be eligible for treatment at Smarmore Private Clinic in Ireland. A contract for Smarmore has also been concluded with these insurers.
  • Are you insured with CZ?
    Then you can only use healthcare in the Netherlands.