Help for family and loved ones

Castle Craig Addiction Treatment

Professional care for loved ones

An addiction not only impacts the person with the addiction, but also his or her environment. It is often difficult to see what the addiction is doing to your loved one. You are angry, sad and you feel powerless. You would like to help, but you can also use a helping hand yourself. That is why Castle Craig also offers support for loved ones.

The longer the addiction has a hold on your loved one, the greater the consequences for you as a loved one can become. It is not uncommon for loved ones and relatives to experience psychological problems as a result of their loved one's addiction.

It helps to be able to talk to fellow sufferers, to be involved in the treatment, to understand the behavior surrounding an addiction and to get the tools to deal with it. That is why Castle Craig offers various support for this.

In addition to the family program, you can also receive treatment from us yourself. The care for loved ones and family is also reimbursed by your health insurer, because this falls under the Basic mental healthcare. If you sign up for this via your GP, we will contact you to schedule an intake.

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