Annual reunion

Annual Reunion – Sunday, June 25, 2023

Every year we organize a reunion for all former patients at Castle Craig Hospital in Peeblesshire, Scotland. Every year during the reunion we receive hundreds of guests, who gather under a large canopy in the front garden to have lunch together.

The reunion is a great opportunity to share experience, strength and hope. The day therefore consists of a lot of talking and networking, but above all learning from each other. Therapists and former patients tell their story, how they overcame their addiction and how they deal with the difficult moments. The director of Castle Craig talks about the latest developments at Castle Craig. There is also a guest speaker, often a prominent speaker 'from the field'. This year it is Professor Peter Hawkins.

Former patients have the opportunity to see their previous practitioners again, and their 'friends from back then', with whom they have endured a difficult time together.

The next reunion will take place on June 25. A live stream is also available for participants who cannot attend in person. You can find more information and how to register here here .