Not always good

You really don't always have to do it right

After kick the habit of your addiction comes recovery. Most people are aware that healthy lifestyle changes are helpful for recovery. Exercise, meditation, healthy eating, getting enough sleep, regular routine, and positive relationships are all listed regularly as essential for recovery. What if you haven't done all of that?

One clear line

We all know there are things we should do but then don't. We could all eat a little better, exercise a little more, sleep a little more, but for whatever reason, it just won't happen. That's no problem. In recovery there is only one clear line: no alcohol or drink drugs use. As long as you don't do those things, you're doing it right.

Everything else is meant to make recovery easier. The more you follow the steps, the more you take care of your health. The more time you spend with positive people, the easier it will be to stay sober.

Don't focus on what you 'have to do'

While it's good to think about how to improve your recovery, it doesn't help to think about all the things you "should" be doing but aren't doing. There is no point in judging yourself that things are not getting better. You can think about things you would like to improve and plan for improvement, but that doesn't mean you should punish yourself for what you don't do now.

Nobody is perfect

Feeling guilty or discouraged about what you didn't do in recovery is largely the result of comparing yourself to others. You see other people who seem to be doing well, getting up early, exercising, going vegan. And all you can think of is "I ate a bag of Oreos for the meeting." You don't know what the other has been through or what she's still going through. You only know what she tells you. She may have been in the same place as you two years ago. The good news is you can do better tomorrow.

Do not let perfection be the enemy of good. If you get discouraged because you aren't doing everything right, you will always feel discouraged. If you do what you can now, even if it is not perfect, you will make progress. By the way, recovery, or life in general, is always a work in progress.

follow your feelings

Ultimately, you have to do whatever makes sense to you. If your down-to-earth network is the most important thing in staying sober, make it a priority. Even if this means that you exercise less or make wrong food choices. If you need a lot of exercise to keep stress and cravings at bay, make time for that and don't feel too bad about not getting up early every day. You can do more when you are ready.