Tips for traveling during recovery

While recovery should be your primary focus, you can still live your life and have sober fun. Going on vacation during your recovery, however, does not give you an excuse to also take a vacation from your recovery. There are many ways you can find 12 step meetings around the world.

What concerns can arise?

Traveling while in early recovery can be scary because you may encounter triggers that will cause you to start using again. In addition, you can get caught up in the pleasure of a new place that makes you forget the importance of recovery. It can also be difficult to leave the local 12-step meeting. In the sense that you have become close with the participants and are used to following the meeting a few times a week. Fortunately, there are thousands of 12-step meetings taking place around the world. So there is no excuse to put this routine on hold.

Where can you find the AA meetings?

There are many websites that act as a sort of map for local gatherings depending on where you are going. All you have to do is search for the name of your meeting. Such as AA, and 'near me', or the specific name of your destination. Once you search, you'll find a result list with addresses and the dates and times of each meeting. You can also find an “AA Central” or a central office that you can call to request information about meetings. If you're willing to be open about your recovery with others, try posting a question on a social media platform. Someone on the Internet may have a good suggestion for you.

Official website of the AA

On the left side of the official Alcoholics Anonymous website you will find a search function to find meetings. You can search by location, zip code or country. After you search, you'll get a list of results from the location, website, and phone number you can contact. There will even be a list of local websites with meeting information. On meeting-finder allows you to search for meetings by zip code or city and get a list of AA, NA, GA or MA meetings, as well as the location and format of each meeting. If you have a friend who is traveling to the same place, you can ask which meeting he or she is attending in that area.

Travel preparation

Apart from shaping your recovery while traveling, it is also good to be extra well prepared when traveling. By reading carefully about your destination, you have a better idea of ​​what to expect and that lowers the tension. Many countries have websites with more information. Here is a summary of valuable travel information to prepare for your holiday from popular destinations in and around Europe: Portugal Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy Croatia, Turkey, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Morocco

Important to remember

Don't underestimate travel during your recovery, especially the first time. You enter a new environment outside of your carefully constructed pattern. Make sure you are well prepared and discuss the trip in detail with those around you before you travel.