How am I having a good time without alcohol

The sliding bowl of social drinks: how are you having a good time without alcohol

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In the my previous article we discussed how to quit social drinking. In the last part of the trilogy on social drinking, we discuss practical tips and how to make sure you have a good time without alcohol.

If you decide to go to a social event sober, you can certainly find it exciting at first. That is why it can help to prepare well. Once you have a good time, you will naturally relax and you will no longer care if you don't drink.

How do I have a good time without alcohol?

Make sure you are in good company. It is often very uncomfortable to enter a place where you don't really know someone, so ask a (non-drinking) friend to come with you, for example. This way you always have a conversation partner and you make sure you have a safety net if you feel uncomfortable and your eyes drift to that drink.

cheerful company without alcohol

Prepare for small talk

In some people it seems small talk almost by itself. But if this isn't the case for you, why not prepare a bit. Read the interesting headlines in the newspaper or have some fun anecdotes ready. Everyone loves a good story and before you know it the evening flies by.

Enable a helpline

Ask someone if it is okay if you call them if you are having a hard time. So you have someone who can encourage you when things get rough and you don't feel so isolated. And if all your preparations don't work, it also helps to have an escape plan ready. If you've given it a shot and just really aren't in the mood, there's no point in forcing yourself to stay somewhere.

turn on helpline

What if I don't like it without alcohol

Realize that quitting social drinking is a process, because habits don't disappear overnight. It is therefore not surprising if it feels a bit awkward at first and that you may not find it so cozy without alcohol. But if, despite your efforts to quit social drinking, it continues to escalate, then it is very likely not about social drinking.

If you find it out of control, that's probably a sign that you need help. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you cannot do it alone. Even more to actually take action, but you can do it! It is the first step to a better, healthier and sober life.