The common terms in addiction care

Abstinence, Cold Turkey, Tolerance: Some words that often appear in Castle Craig's articles and blogs. But what exactly do they mean? And what is the difference between, for example, abstinence and tolerance? We explain that in detail in this article. 


The meanings 

The terms mentioned all refer to the addiction treatment. Terms that are sometimes very similar in name, but differ in meaning from each other. The definitions of these terms are explained below so that a clear distinction can be made. The common terms are:



In our Castle Craig we often use the word recovery to indicate the intense and personal process of change in a person's attitude, behavior and values. During the recovery process, the addiction is made short. Many people believe that the recovery process occurs between the time someone registers and the time that person is abstinent and leaves the clinic. However, we believe that recovery is continuous and something you should always keep working on.



Another word common to Castle Craig is abstinence which means voluntarily abstaining from something you were previously addicted to. Addiction is a chronic condition, so it is important to refrain from using it even after treatment. We see abstinence as an all-encompassing word for willpower and discipline because those are the qualities you need to addiction and to prevent a relapse in the future. 



When we talk about relapse, we mean that after a long period of abstinence, someone has had a moment when the person was seduced and used the addictive substance. There is always the possibility of a relapse after addiction recovery, but we believe that all of our patients can resist enough after successfully completing treatment at Castle Craig.


Cold Turkey

In addiction care, there are various treatments to combat addiction. One of these is the so-called 'Cold Turkey' method. When this method of withdrawal is applicable, an addict must stop using the substance at once. Castle Craig also uses this method to effectively een alcohol addiction to counteract. 



When Castle Craig talks about tolerance, it means that an addicted person needs a higher dose time and again to achieve the desired effect of the drug or behavior. Tolerance to the addictive substance will continue to increase if something is not done about the addiction in time, because too high a dose can with some substances such heroin cause a fatal outcome. Castle Craig believes that professional help is always necessary to successfully counter an addiction.


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