how are you now melanie

How are you now - Melanie

In the series "How are things now" we talk with former patients about the period they started treatment at Castle Craig. They tell about their experiences and how things are going now. The names have been changed, but their stories are real.

Melanie 28 (2011)

It was the middle of summer when the head nurse at Castle Craig in Scotland showed me to my room. She sat on my bed. And she must have seen me how confused I was, because she told me a story that this was the time to let go of everything. Because no matter what happened, I was safe here. That affected me enormously and I started to cry. She put her hand on my shoulder and before I knew it, I fell into her arms. And what I thought was really special was that she didn't say anything, just let me cry in her arms. '

Melanie 37 (2020)

'Next year I will be clean & sober for 10 years in July. I no longer take alcohol, my drug of choice. I don't sniff, don't swallow, don't smoke or drink. Yes, water, coffee and tea. How crazy is that? I can hope that there will be no more measures in July and that we will have a carefree summer. But what I've learned in recovery and at Castle Craig is to keep my expectations low and my acceptance high. Then everything is not too bad. Even life! Ha, ha, ha, ha! '