How are you now - Kathleen

In the series "How are things now" we talk with former patients about the period they started treatment at Castle Craig. They tell about their experiences and how things are going now. The names have been changed, but their stories are real.

Kathleen 35 (2014)

“I entered Castle Craig as a cocaine addict and left with an addiction. Not that after the clinic I started using or surrendered to that new addiction, but you are addicted and you remain addicted. I also learned in Scotland that it is impossible to be an ex-addict. But to make a long story short: after the group discussions and the conversations with the therapist in the castle, I found out that I was also addicted to sex. And that that sex addiction had everything to do with loneliness and a lack of love and attention during my upbringing. I went from lover to lover, never really giving myself. And those sexual stimuli were reinforced by the use of cocaine. '

Kathleen 41 (2020)

“It's been six years since I was at Castle Craig. With what I learned there, I immediately started working on my return. I found a good psychotherapist and thanks to the weekly conversations with her I discovered more and more about myself. That loneliness had everything to do with the fact that I couldn't be with myself. Because I had received so little attention in my youth, I had felt that I was not worthy of that attention either. It wasn't until I realized that I mattered and that I could be there, that I got to know my current boyfriend. I have enough of him
and to him I really give myself. This year I have been clean & sober from cocaine for six years. Not happy about sex. Because I have a wonderful time with my beautiful, sweet, caring lover. '