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How are you now - Jason

In the series "How are things now" we talk with former patients about the period they started treatment at Castle Craig. They tell about their experiences and how things are going now. The names have been changed, but their stories are real.

Jason 23 (2012)

'When I joined Castle Craig in Scotland began my journey to recovery, I still knew nothing about it. I thought, "As long as I stay clean long enough, I'll be fine on its own." I wasn't the only one of my fellows in the castle who felt that way. Especially the boys and girls around my age felt that this was how it worked. But if you think that, then you will be disappointed. It is not about the substance you use. Because hash, coke or alcohol is exactly that: a substance that you use as a pain reliever to avoid having to feel, not to have to be. To mask your insecurity, to turn sadness into false happiness. And the months it took me at Castle Craig was not to get clean, but to understand it all. ”

Jason 31 (2020)

'I don't know if I'm a recovery tiger, but I do everything I have to do in the XNUMX steps. I keep my life in balance. That is to say: I don't go to a meeting five times a week. I also enjoy my life. I exercise, I like to cook and I enjoy my two-year-old daughter. I sponsor three fellows and I take that task very seriously. They may even call me in the middle of the night if they have a major problem. That's not because I am a Good Samaritan, but because unpaid help is good for me. And anything that makes you feel good is also good for your recovery. Actually, as addicts in recovery, we are lucky. We have a program that can also be a path to happiness for non-addicts. And I was shown that way by Castle Craig. '

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