How are you now: Michel

In the series "How are things now" we talk with former patients about the period they started treatment at Castle Craig. They tell about their experiences and how things are going now. The names have been changed, but their stories are real.

Michele (25) 2012

'I have been a huge people's pleaser all my life. I always wanted to make people laugh and if it didn't work out, I just kept going until it got downright annoying. I didn't know how to stop. Not even with my drinking and cocaine use.
And so I ended up in Castle Craig, where I found a willing audience for my bullshit. Until one day I sat across from my therapist and he said to me, 'I think you want your environment to laugh away your misery. Tell me: what's behind that cheerfulness and happiness of yours? Believe me: as soon as you find out, your jokes will get really good. ”

Michele (33) 2020

'It is 8 years later and I will never forget those words of my supervisor. For me, they triggered a piece of self-inquiry that I'm still not done with, which I may never be done with. I relapsed once, but then quickly recovered and continued with the program I embraced at Castle Craig.
I am currently working on a book. In which I describe my road to recovery in a light, funny way. Maybe someday it will come true. But in the first place I mainly write it for myself. And I also have a dream. To do a stand up comedy routine. About recovery. So with exactly what my therapist was missing from me. Draft. Next year I will be clean & sober for six years. Without that relapse it would have been eight years. But what does it matter. I am happy. Really happy. '