Help loved ones

How do you help a loved one who is addicted

If you know someone who is clearly struggling with addiction, you would like to force that person to seek treatment. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. We cannot force someone to get help if someone is not motivated themselves. It's important to take small actions and let them know you're there for them.

Admitting someone is addicted

If you want to help an addict realize they need help, it is important to also admit to yourself that this person has a problem. This may seem logical, but this is often disappointing in practice. Family members often focus primarily on wishing the problem to disappear. Research addiction so you know what that person is going through, how far it can go, and what the signs of an overdose are. Suggest or make an appointment with the doctor. The doctor can better identify the addiction and make recommendations for treatment.

Not supporting the addiction

If your friend keeps asking you for money to fund his addiction, say no and explain why. Do not blame the person, this will not make someone more likely to seek help. Better to let them know how the addiction affected the people around them. Also let them know that you are there for them and will help them get help.

Foundation Besides

At the Next Foundation, the relatives of addicts are central. With their initiative "Help! My loved one is addicted! ” they offer professional help for those close to addicts. The help offer consists of individual guidance, telephone advice and workshops.