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Working at Castle Craig - Pascal

Working in addiction care is diverse and challenging. It is nice to be an integral part of one of the most important periods in the lives of addicts seeking recovery. No two days are the same at Castle Craig. But who are the people who work there and why do they do what they do? Today we take a look behind the scenes and talk to Pascal, outpatient therapist at Castle Craig.

What do you like about working at Castle Craig?

Pascal: “I particularly like the versatility. Being allowed to treat in all kinds of areas and be part of the patient pathways. We are there from the first steps at the intake to the exit after group and / or individual treatment. 

Castle Craig offers practitioners the opportunity to be part of the patient journey in multiple areas and at different stages of the treatment process. You will not find this in all addiction agencies, where staff are often deployed more “one-sided”.

And what do you actually like about your own work?

Pascal: “The best thing about my own work is being able to be part of a life-changing process. Being able and allowed to provide the right things, whereby the understanding of what addiction means in general can grow. As a result, the patient himself or her environment and also the life that they can and want to lead, but have completely lost, can regain meaning and shape. 

When I succeed in growing up here with a patient and seeing how someone changes in many ways, then I like my job the best there is, even if they sometimes don't always like me in that process ... "

And then the last question. What motivates you every day?

Pascal: “I get my motivation from the thought that every day that I am allowed to do this work, I can be the start of a life-determining change for someone else. The idea that part of my knowledge, experience and commitment can positively change someone's life and in some cases even save it, makes it worthwhile every day to invest my energy and time. ”

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