The revamped Castle Craig site; loud and clear

If you think I collected some items especially for the photo, you are wrong. Such is my view at the moment. In doing so, I realize that there is a worse view of things. I see an I love Papa mug, filled with pens, so that the cup is always in sight. And reminds me how intimate, sweet, and utterly loving my contact with our little girl has been since my recovery began at Castle Craig.

Next to my MacBook is a standard key ring on a cord with all my cleantime coins attached, which I have collected over the years. In April of this year I will celebrate my lustrum and I can pick up the key ring with the magical print '5 years'.

And then we have last but not least certainly not least still the view of the screen of my MacBook itself. The view that you will also see when you read this. Namely, the view of the revamped Castle Craig site.

How hard has been worked on this in recent months to get it ready. And now that it's finished, it's got just the way we wanted it to be; a site with a no nonsense plain language, clear line and clarity. Easily readable and not a letter too many.

We wanted it that way because there is already enough confusion about addiction and recovery. We know only one thing at Castle Craig from years of experience. And that is that you can permanently recover from addiction if you get treatment and if you work on it. The latter sounds like it takes a lot of energy. As if being addicted doesn't make you exhausted and drains you completely. Working on your recovery actually gives energy. In that respect I speak as an expert by experience. Every day I work on my recovery simply by doing things that are good for me and that really gives you wings. How beautiful is that?