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Online care has proven to be effective

These are strange times, even for the employees at Castle Craig. Because after several months of improvement, we now seem to have to take a step back. Practitioner Kristel reflects on the current situation and the development of online care. 

Online care has proven to be effective!

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus in March 2020, the digitization of mental health care has taken a huge leap. For example, at Castle Craig we have developed our digital care at a rapid pace, so that we can also offer our patients the quality care and support they need to achieve a desired result online.

Do I want to return to physical treatment on location? Yes, really looking each other in the eye is very desirable from a relational point of view and is preferred by many. But there is also good news: the digitization of healthcare means that we can reduce waiting lists. And while we can't meet everyone on site at the moment, we can still be there for the people who need us.

A good first step is to take responsibility for the situation in which both the practitioner and the patient find themselves. That, of course, is accepting this reality with all the thoughts and feelings that go with it.

The good news is that, despite the new reality, our E-health sessions, group therapies and day treatment are still dynamic, with the same perceived involvement and that most treatments are feasible with desired results.

Most importantly, it has turned out that the patient comes to the right practitioner, who can provide the right help tailored to what the patient needs.

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