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Update: Castle Craig locations open limited

Update: Castle Craig locations open limited

June 3, 2020 - The locations of Castle Craig are open again on a limited basis. Although the offices in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam can once again receive visitors, the situation is not yet the same.

  • You can only come by at the invitation of a practitioner. This is to prevent that the safety regulations cannot be complied with.
  • We schedule a limited number of appointments per location in connection with the safety of our employees and patients.
  • We apply the guidelines of the RIVM. read here what to take into account when you come by.

We are very happy that we can take these steps and that we can open again. We look at the options every week and scale up slowly if possible. The key is to build up calmly, so that we can monitor the situation and make adjustments if necessary. This way we can guarantee safety for our employees and patients.

Can I come over?

You can only come by at the invitation of your practitioner. Your practitioner will discuss with you whether there is a reason to do so. We provide remote care when possible and face to face when needed. Even now that the locations are open again, digital treatment remains the norm.

We have digitized almost all treatment options (eHealth). From intake interviews to group therapy: we offer it via video calling. For people with addiction who need clinical care, we offer a bridging program until the clinics are open. In this way we can also provide the care that is needed at home.

What now?

We monitor the situation daily and check every week whether new steps are possible. We pay close attention to the guidelines of the RIVM. We are currently preparing for admissions to our clinics in Scotland and Ireland. 

Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland and Smarmore Private Clinic had limited opening hours for patients from the United Kingdom. The doors will also open for patients from the Netherlands from 15 June.

Request an intake interview?

Feel free to sign up for treatment. When you register, you will be invited for a telephone conversation in which you and an employee will look at your situation and discuss the treatment options. We then make an appointment for an intake.