Increase in addiction expected. Addiction care is going digital

Castle Craig Addiction Care starts DIGIPOLI to deal with the expected increasing addiction problems of the second wave.


Addiction is often referred to as a social illness. This means that the person who is actively addicted has a strong tendency to cut off all social contacts and isolate themselves. Add to that the fear and stress that this uncertain time brings and it is no surprise that, according to the Trimbos Institute, "extra stressors and negative emotional well-being are predictors of a relapse [into addiction]."

Although no total lockdown is, the press conference of Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge on Monday 28 September left nothing to be desired. The Netherlands will be locked again indefinitely. By emphasizing less travel, more working from home, fewer meetings, in short: less social contacts, the government hopes to contain the Corona virus.

Partly for this reason, the internationally renowned addiction institution Castle Craig has decided to stop social distancing to open a permanent digital outpatient clinic, in which care can be offered in the client's own environment. This so that these clients can also be helped from home. Even if people come from far away or want to stop traveling, Castle Craig stays close by. For part of the care (with the exception of the more complex ones), the client can quickly turn to Castle Craig's DIGIPOLI.

By combining eHealth and online self-help modules with 1-on-1 conversations with the practitioner and sharing experiences within support groups, Castle Craig is always close by and the client is only one click away from the help he or she needs at any time. .


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