Castle Craig Hospital opens new Kirkurd Unit to face Corona epidemic challenges

March 20, 2020 - The new recording department, Kirkurd Unit, was created in response to the spread and impact of it Corona virus. Castle Craig founded the Unit to relieve increasing pressure on the UK National Health Service (NHS) and to accommodate patients following the closure of private and NHS detox locations in the UK. The Kirkurd unit strives to provide Corona care to its patients in all phases of admission and detoxification. Thanks to the prompt and appropriate measures, Castle Craig Hospital has so far been Corona-free.

The unique location consists of 20 hectares of land and is far away from busy urban areas. Castle Craig Hospital sees it as a duty to provide care for the patients who need it and its clinically proven treatment program and precautions enable us to provide this service.

The dedicated Kirkurd unit was founded by our Covid-19 response team, led by CEO Dr. Margaret McCann, Medical Director Professor Jonathan Chick and Operations Manager Janice Stewart. There are a limited number of places on this unit: 5 places for admissions on Monday and 5 for Tuesday. The Unit will be opened on Monday 23 March 2020.

Screening and admission

New admissions must complete a pre-screening and answer a series of control questions to determine that they are Covid-19 free. Doctors and other specialists are required to ask these questions and take the temperature. It is possible that the potential patients are being tested for Covid-19.

If a new admission arrives, they must first stop at the reception at the entrance of the complex. There, a number of control questions will be answered and the temperature will be measured to confirm that they have no symptoms. Family members can accompany the patient up to this point and are then asked to go home. We do not admit patients who show symptoms of Corona.

After 7 days in the separated Kirkurd Unit, our patients will be transferred to the main clinic where they will receive intensive treatment. After four weeks of intensive psychotherapy, patients are transferred to the Recovery Garden program. This program is a proven method to increase the success rate of the treatment.

Testing for Corona (Covid-19)

We have a protocol in place for testing suspected cases. So far, all tests conducted by the Royal Infirmary laboratories in Edinburgh have shown negative results. We are a Corona-free hospital and hope to keep it that way through our screening protocols and hygiene measures.

Facilities at the Kirkurd Unit

The Kirkurd Unit contains 10 en-suite bedrooms with a single bed, two sitting rooms and a medical center. A sitting room also serves as a space for groups, lectures, pilates and mindfulness meditation. Thanks to the spacious layout on 20 hectares of land, it is possible to take a guided walk without encountering patients from Castle Craig Hospital. Patients eat in the shared dining room.

We have an experienced on-site medical team that has knowledge of various types of detoxification (both alcohol and drugs). The Kirkurd Unit is occupied at all times by a registered nurse or nurse, a health care assistant, a physician and a psychiatrist.

The content of the treatment program was reviewed by team leader Aureol Gillan, treatment coordinators Mark Abrami and Andrew Sidoli, and CEO Dr. Margaret McCann. Much of the initial therapy is delivered through digital platforms so that patients in the Kirkurd Unit can participate in therapy sessions with the other patients at Castle Craig Hospital. Psychoeducation lectures and therapy sessions can be followed from a distance.

Castle Craig's commitment to patients and care partners

Castle Craig Hospital is committed to fulfilling its duty and caring for its patients by providing them with a safe place for those who need urgent treatment for their addiction. Also at a time when measures are being taken to limit the spread and consequences of Corona. It is Castle Craig Hospital's intention to remain a Corona-free hospital, to protect its patients and staff, and to manage admissions in a safe manner.

We work closely with Health Protections Scotland, NHS Borders and local public health advisers, and are assured that we are taking the right action.

More information

For more information regarding screening and admission of new patients, please contact Operations Manager Janice Stewart, Senior Communications Manager Victoria McCann or call 01721 725 for questions regarding seat availability on the Kirkurd Unit.

Read here the message from Castle Craig Hospital.