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Castle Craig Addiction Care opens in Zeist

January 13 2022 - After the ambulant locations in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Castle Craig Netherlands will also open its doors in Zeist. The first location in the Netherlands was opened in 2000 under the direction of Frances Beek. The outpatient clinics in Amsterdam and Rotterdam were later opened. The addiction care institution is therefore active in North and South Holland, and now in the Utrecht region.

Outpatient addiction care is offered in the outpatient clinic in Zeist, just like at the other locations. Our multidisciplinary team provides treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Later this year we will add day treatment to the treatment offering.


In September 2020, we launched the Digipoli to help patients during the corona pandemic. “Although it is pleasant and possible for some of our people to be treated online, we notice that the need for personal contact with the practitioner and fellow sufferers is still considerable. Addiction manifests itself in different ways in people and therefore treatment differs per person. It is only logical that we try to meet the needs and possibilities of the people in our care,” says Linda Schaap, clinical psychologist and Director of Care.