Dear Dan Karaty

Following Dan Karaty's interview to the public on the Day of Recovery 2022, journalist Mick Boskamp, ​​9 years clean & sober and former client of Castle Craig, wrote an open letter to the American choreographer, TV personality and addict in recovery.

The photo of Dan, Mick and René on the Day of Recovery was taken by Jip Dijcks

Dear Dan Karaty, Americans are known for having a lot of energy around them. But you stood out in a positive sense when you first appeared on Dutch television as a jury member of Holland's Got Talent in 2010.
In fact: you were a lot calmer than your Dutch fellow judges. I'm not much of a talent show fan, but if you were on a show like that, I loved watching you. Probably because you were yourself, I thought then.

Since late last year, when you came out with the story that you've been an alcoholic for 25 years, I know that probability isn't likely. All those years it seemed like you were completely yourself. That is a great talent of the addict. To turn into an almost brilliant actor or actress in active use. That is not always easy. Especially not if you have to play yourself when you've lost yourself.

Last Saturday, September 3rd, you made me cry. Of emotion. I was standing in the large hall of the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, where you were interviewed by LEF founder Jolande Bastiaans as part of the Day of Recovery. I pointed my cell phone at the big screen and started filming just as you were about to tell this story:

So that story. About a choice. The choice to leave your wife in the hospital with your son who is terminally ill, who may not make it through the morning. Why you chose not to be with your son, your child who is everything to you was to be able to drink.

I have been drug and drink free for almost 10 years. Rarely have I heard the madness of the disease of addiction articulated so strongly. You yourself were visibly moved when you made this confession. But you did it. All the way.

And yes, Dan, I bow to that very deeply.

ps I understand that you went to the nuns in Vught to learn the Dutch language. Maybe a nice (learning) moment to listen to the Dutch spoken podcast From Addiction To Freedom by René van Collem, who sat next to you on the stage of the Brabanthallen as a co-interviewee. I detect a lot of similarities between you and the addiction counselor, experience expert, columnist, author and drummer (of Doe Maar fame).