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A look at Castle Craig's day treatment

In my work as an outpatient addiction treatment provider at Castle Craig Netherlands, my heart beats in working with the dynamics within our groups.

What is covered during our day treatment?

Precisely Today we share our experience in our process of recovery. Slowly we have reconnected with the desire to connect. Just because we humans like to be together and share our lives.

During the therapy session we examine our motives in rebuilding trust in our relationships with family and friends. We also discuss entering into early relationships with or without feelings in love. Because sometimes we find that we are afraid to carry our life alone. The mood in the group is light but attentive and aware.

'First a plant and then a guinea pig, learn to take care of yourself, stay clean' are our standard phrases.

During the Presentation and Reading on loneliness, we then conduct a joint investigation into recent situations in which we felt lonely. What were our thoughts, what did we say to ourselves? What was our biggest fear and what did we do to avoid it?

Rejection by others or rejection from ourselves. For many of us, the feeling of shame was so great that we were unable to see or receive the love of others. Our hearts were locked. Addicted to resources, we alienate ourselves. It was only in an environment of commitment to mutual trust that trust began to grow.

'Opening up your heart starts from within'

De Here & Now group connect silently. We practice Mindfulness, Meditation and Prayer. We connect with our heart power through a guided meditation. We make the connection between our Mind and our Heart, because that is where we feel safe and at home. In this exercise we strengthen 'hands on' our Kokoro, the connection of Mind and Heart. If our Heart tells us something different than our Mind, we become hardened and confused. Only when our Mind makes friends with our Heart are we on the right path.

After about 5 minutes our faces relax, here and now a smile appears from ear to ear. I see fun lights shining behind softly closed eyes. Suddenly the resistance is broken and the fear of the beating of our heart has disappeared.