6th International CA Convention

The board of Cocain Anonymous asked us if we wanted to help publicize the international CA Convention. 

Before we came to CA, our lives had often become such a mess that we had no idea how to live our lives. Once we could hear that the program was more than getting clean and sober, we looked at the people who had been around longer and saw that they had found a way of life that gave us hope. We saw examples of recovery and wanted that in our lives ourselves. 

On 19, 20 and 21 June, the CA Hollands 6th International Convention will take place in Conference Center Leeuwenhorst.

To give the theme, A Design for Living, hands and feet, we have put together a beautiful program with the 12 steps of CA. Our (international) speakers talk about how it works in their own lives and there are (interactive) workshops on this theme. We have music and dance so you can experience a life in recovery that can be lavishly celebrated.

We hope to welcome you all! Register on our website: www.conv.ca-holland.org