Reports Health develops a specific information system for mental health care



Reports BV and Castle Craig Addiction Care will start July 1, 2015 with a phased introduction of a new management information system. The newly developed GGZMentor specifically meets the needs of small and medium-sized mental healthcare institutions, which are struggling with the increasingly strict requirements in the field of transparency and completeness of data.

Current legislation and regulations require timely and complete administration as a requirement for compensation. At many mental health institutions this has led to an increase in bureaucratic costs and problems with regard to DTCs. Many institutions have their hands in their hair and have their hands full to meet all requirements. Many healthcare professionals believe that the strict reporting requirements come at the expense of patient care.

The GGZMentor system compensates for this problem. Castle Craig will have access to a management information environment that provides daily insight into the results and gives employees insight into the actions to be carried out.

Castle Craig director Frances Beek: “Our healthcare professionals spend a lot of time with the administrative hassle surrounding healthcare, such as updating files and keeping track of healthcare production. The back office spends a lot of time supporting the treatment team, checking all information and files for errors or incompleteness. With the help of GGZMentor, the employees concerned are informed every morning which files are not yet complete and which actions still need to be taken, in a daily clear dashboard. ''

About the solution

The environment consists of defined reports and dashboards, which differ per type of user. The reports can easily be adapted to the specific needs of the institution. The system is much cheaper than the current solutions offered in the market. The solution is characterized by a solution tailored to the organization and corresponding rate on a subscription basis. For Castle Craig, this means that no high software investment is required. The solution is scalable and various information flows can be made accessible. The rules from the framework of standards are the foundation when setting up the management information environment.

About Reports

Reports translates your data into clear and well-organized management information. Based on our dashboards in which various reports are combined, you can make decisions based on facts instead of gut feeling alone.