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Castle Craig Addiction Treatment

Take care of family and loved ones

An addiction not only has an impact on the person with the addiction, but also on the people around him or her. It is often difficult to see what the addiction is doing to your loved one. You are angry, sad and feel powerless. The longer the addiction has a hold on your loved one, the greater the consequences for you can become. It is not uncommon for loved ones and family members to deal with psychological problems as a result of their loved one's addiction.

But addiction is a disease you can't control, you didn't cause, and you can't cure it. At Castle Craig we are happy to teach you how to deal with this through our workshop or treatment for loved ones.

Monthly workshop

We offer monthly workshops for family and loved ones of patients undergoing treatment with us. When a patient is admitted, we discuss who is eligible for this. As soon as a workshop is planned, we will invite you.

We'll show you the way to self-help groups, like thisas Al- Anon, CODA and Nar-Anon. The aim of these groups is to help family and loved ones to take good care of themselves and build a good support network.

In the workshop we discuss the processes that play a role in addiction so that at the end of the day you:

  • knows what addiction is and what it does to the addict,
  • understand your loved one's behavior better,
  • can deal better with the addiction in your environment,
  • discovered how to take care of yourself first,
  • have hope for a better future.

This workshop is of course always under professional supervision. And we provide a delicious lunch.

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Castle Craig Addiction Treatment


An addiction has an impact on the entire family and environment. Do you notice that you yourself are experiencing complaints due to the addiction of a loved one, and do you need help to learn to deal with this? Your GP can refer you to us for a treatment short individual course.