What is eHealth (online therapy)?

In healthcare, we are increasingly using digital means to offer treatment. We call this eHealth.

eHealth can be an addition to traditional 'face to face' contacts, but full online treatment is also possible. Through online (self-help) modules and video calls you improve your health and you also have contact with your practitioner at home. 

We believe it is important that you always have access to the care you need. That is why we offer (parts of) the outpatient treatment online. We use various applications and your own patient portal to provide this care. Communication via email runs via the secure platform Zorgmail. Your practitioner will inform you further about this.

Advantages of online treatment

In times when it is more difficult to come to a physical location, eHealth can offer a solution. This way you have access to the care you need at any time. Working independently also stimulates you to gain more confidence in your own abilities, so that you feel strengthened on the road to recovery. Other benefits of online treatment are:

  • You often have shorter conversations and it is easier to work independently.
  • You have more time to focus on your recovery.
  • You spend less time and money traveling.
  • Anywhere with a connection access to treatment.
  • Every aspect of the treatment is possible online. Intake interviews can also be conducted online.

What does an eHealth program look like?

Online care is possible for individual contacts and for group sessions. For the individual conversations, you and your practitioner will investigate what best suits your treatment. This can also take place (partly) via video calls. 

Support from others who have gone through similar experiences is important to us for a good recovery. There are also group sessions that take place online. When you qualify for an online group, this will be discussed with you. 

In addition to the conversations, we expect an active role in carrying out reading and writing assignments. These can be exchanged via the patient portal or the secure email. We also have a large library where you can find more information about addiction, recovery and the 12 steps. 

More information about…

Ordered before treatment via eHealth we use Zoom, a program that allows you to make video calls via your browser. Zoom is also available for Android, iOS and iPad OS, making it easy to join a video call anytime, anywhere. Download Zoom here.