Snus: a bag filled with lozenge that you place under your upper lip. While this should be the solution to quitting smoking, it leads you to the next addiction. In this article we tell you everything about what snus is, what it does to you and what health risks it poses. 

What is snus?

Snus is a tablet or tea bag the size of a chewing gum that is filled with tobacco and that you place under the upper lip. By placing it between your gums and upper lip, the nicotine is absorbed through the blood vessels in the upper lip, after which it ends up in the blood. It is also seen as a new alternative to smoking or vaping because no combustion products are released when ingesting snus. There are several types: 

– Swedish snus

Swedish snus is a variant of dry snuff that you place under your upper lip for a longer period of time. It is a smokeless tobacco that originated in Sweden, hence the name. The Swedish variant is also the best-known form of the drug.

– Snus without tobacco

This form of snus is exactly as the name suggests: without tobacco. This product contains no parts of the tobacco plant and comes in 2 forms: with nicotine (nicotine sachets) and without nicotine (nicotine-free sachets).

The effects

The effects of snus are released once the nicotine has entered the bloodstream. It gives a feeling of relaxation and concentration, but it also provides an energetic and cheerful feeling. The effects, depending on the dosage, will occur after about 30 minutes and last for about 30 to 40 minutes.

The health risks

The use of snus also carries a number of health risks. The most important are that it has an addictive effect and contains carcinogenic substances. The use of the drug is therefore associated with a number of diseases and premature death.

snus addiction

Nicotine, which is in tobacco, has an addictive substance that causes the body to release adrenaline. That adrenaline gives you a kick. Once the kick has worn off, your body will ask for the next kick. Then that question will go to your brain and it will ask for a nicotine shot. With longer use, the urge for nicotine will intensify and thus an addiction arises. Tolerance also develops, which means you need more and more to achieve the desired effect. 

When a snus addiction (nicotine addiction) has developed, you can recognize it by the following symptoms:

  • The urge to use despite being sick or having health problems. 
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, hunger and weight gain can occur when not used for extended periods. 

Snus in the Netherlands

According to the law in the Netherlands, trading, producing and being in possession of snus with tobacco is prohibited. This is because the drug contains carcinogens.

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