Oxycodone is a strong pain reliever that is prescribed after surgery, for cancer pain and for people who are no longer getting better (palliative care). Because it is available by prescription, Oxycodone is not usually considered a drug, but chemically it is similar to morphine and heroin. Habituation quickly sets in, which increases the chance of developing a addiction is big. Oxycodone is also called Oxycontin, Oxynorm or Oxy.

What is Oxycodone?

Oxycodone is an opiate with an analgesic, narcotic and mind-altering effect. It is available in various forms including capsules, melt tablets, injections. The painkiller can be used as long as you have severe pain, but use should be discontinued as soon as the situation allows.

With use, habituation occurs quickly, which means that an increasingly larger dose is required for the same effect. In addition, it has a strong influence on the reward center in the brain. It is therefore often the case that a patient initially starts with the medicine against the pain and only later notices that he / she has become dependent.

What Are the Side Effects of Oxycodone?

The use of Oxycodone comes with several side effects. The most common are listed below:

  • blockage
  • drowsiness
  • stomach and intestinal complaints
  • dizziness
  • itching
  • headache
  • a dry mouth

With prolonged use, it can also cause a feeling of weakness, psychological complaints, sleeping problems, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. Hundreds of patients with serious side effects end up in the emergency department every year.

Is Oxycodone Addictive?

Yes, Oxycodone is known to have almost the same effect as heroin. It artificially increases your dopamine level, making you feel good. After 2 weeks of use you can already develop a serious addiction. Stopping the drug usually leads to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. That is why we recommend that you always stop under supervision. 

tapering off oxycodone

Castle Craig has years of experience in addiction treatment. Our specialists are happy to use their expertise for your recovery. Depending on your situation, we will draw up a treatment plan together and you will start with a personalized reduction schedule for Oxycodone. We ensure that you receive the guidance you need for a long-term recovery.

Direct admission to rehab

Registration for both outpatient and inpatient care is through Castle Craig. Are you ready to kick your addiction? Then register through your doctor.

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