What is Oxazepam

Oxazepam is one benzodiazepines. It is only available by prescription and works soothing reduces anxiety and relaxes muscles. The drug also makes you drowsy. The drug is prescribed for anxiety and tension and also for insomnia. If there is alcohol addiction and additional withdrawal symptoms, this is also a drug that can be prescribed. After ingestion, the effect occurs after about 1 hour and lasts about 6 to 8 hours.

How Oxazepam

The active ingredients in Oxazepam cause the nerves in the brain to be slightly to severely suppressed. In general, the lowest possible dose is prescribed, as the drug is a double-edged sword. In addition, it is usually prescribed temporarily because the addictive effect is known. If the drug is used for a longer period of time, you will need a higher dose to achieve the same results.

When am I addicted?

The use of Oxazepam can lead to dependence (addiction). If the drug is used for longer than two months, it is wise not to stop using it all at once, but to phase it out. Do this in consultation with the doctor or pharmacist. In certain people, this drug can cause withdrawal symptoms even at lower doses and short-term use. People who are sensitive to addiction or with a history of alcohol and or drug addiction have an increased risk of this.

Withdrawal symptoms include vomiting, nausea, muscle cramps and increased irritability.

What are side effects?

Oxazepam has several side effects. Think of drowsiness, tiredness and delayed reaction time. Other side effects are muscle weakness and reduced coordination as well as memory problems. Even if you use the medicine at night, these side effects may still be present during the day. The action of the drug is enhanced by alcohol.

More information can be found at Wikipedia. Also ask your doctor for additional information prior to use.