Bitcoin addiction treatment

In our Castle Craig Bitcoin addiction is not treated as a primary addiction. Substance addiction is only treated if there is primarily a substance addiction. It Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland also treats people who are addicted to bitcoin. At Castle Craig, bitcoin addiction is not treated as a primary addiction. Only if there is primarily a substance addiction is a bitcoin addiction treated. The violent exchange rate fluctuations of digital coins such as bitcoin, ether and ripple can cause a 'high'. As with gambling, we speak here of a so-called behavioral addiction. And just like with gambling, trading digital currencies can have compulsive and uncontrollable consequences.

How does Bitcoin addiction work?

It starts with the decision to trade digital coins. The person in question concludes that acting in it has a much better chance of achieving financial goals than through his or her current job. Everyone dreams of financial independence, right? From that moment on, the risk of addiction is lurking. This starts to take serious consequences as priorities shift and the trader works to be able to invest in bitcoins rather than work to live and pay the bills.


Work related consequences of bitcoin addiction

The day job becomes a necessary inconvenience and an afterthought in such a case. Because the crypto market is so volatile, traders believe that - to maximize their returns - they should actively pay attention to the digital coin market every hour of the day. This therefore has a negative impact on job performance.

Social consequences of bitcoin addiction

Bitcoin addiction can also lead to social relationship decline. For example, the trader scans the charts when a friend sends a message or wants to go to the gym. He declines the offer, because he has something more important to do. Feeling that tomorrow is not going to be a cryptocurrency rest day, he is also canceling a friend's birthday dinner. After all, it is much nicer to look at his coins and stare at his portfolio.

Social disintegration

Eventually at an advanced stage, the digital currency trade has taken over the relationships, work and health of the trader, creating a profound addiction that is not inferior to a gambling addiction.