What is rehab?

Castle Craig Netherlands offers various treatment trajectories for alcohol, drug and drug addiction. One of the options is admission to a rehab clinic. However, this depends on your personal situation, your wishes and your addiction.

If possible, we try to shape the treatment in a way that is not too drastic and that allows you to stay in your own environment (outpatient addiction care).

But sometimes you benefit most from admission to a clinic (hospitalization). For example, because of an untenable home situation or to be able to break through certain patterns. You can also start with outpatient care. If it later turns out that admission is desirable, you and your practitioner will review your treatment plan again.

Rehab in the United Kingdom

Only outpatient care is provided in the Dutch locations, which is why we work together with two clinics in the United Kingdom: Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland en Smarmore Private Clinic in Ireland.

Sometimes direct admission is not possible or desirable. In that case you can already start treatment in the Netherlands. We have several branches in your area, but online therapy is also a possibility during the bridging process.

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Will my treatment be reimbursed?

We have agreements with most health insurers whereby both outpatient and inpatient care are usually reimbursed. Look here whether your health insurance reimburses.

A Castle Craig Rehab: What to Expect

Castle Craig rehabs are located in a quiet area and equipped with excellent facilities. Easily accessible, but also shielded so that you can work on your recovery in peace.

If you are admitted with an active addiction then the first step is detoxification. If you are clean and/or sober, you can start your physical and mental recovery. You participate in individual and group therapy and are supported by our professionals with excellent addiction treatment.

Na hospitalization we offer aftercare in the Netherlands. This is a standard part of the treatment and can consist of individual therapy, group therapy or eHealth modules. You have to do it yourself, but that doesn't mean you're on your own.

What you need to know about withdrawal

  1. Withdrawal (detoxification) is the first step to recovery from addiction, but it is only the beginning. Therefore it takes a treatment process for addiction longer than just the detox.
  2. Your brain needs time to recover from the vicious cycle of addiction.
  3. In addition to stopping substance use, it is at recovery from addiction important to ensure social contacts and a healthy rhythm of life.

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