What is addiction treatment?

Addiction care is a branch of health care that is aimed at providing help to people with addiction. In the case of substance use addiction leads to a 1 change in the brain. The problems related to addiction often occur not only on a psychological level, but also on a social and physical level. Substance addiction is therefore included in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” also known as the DSM 5. 

Treatment in addiction treatment

Treatment within addiction care, in its lightest form, usually consists of outpatient treatment. These are conversations with a practitioner. The detoxification (stopping the use of substances) is done by the patient in his own environment. For this, means can be prescribed to make this process easier. More intensive treatment is the day treatment in which a patient is treated in an institution one or more days a week. The most intensive treatment takes place after admission to a clinic for addiction treatment. The patient stays and then overnight in a clinic, popularly often rehabilitation clinic .

Chance of recovery

Recovery from addiction is not easy and high patient motivation is important. Naturally, the quality of the provider also contributes. Castle Craig is a renowned institution with excellent marks above the national average when it comes to the chances of recovery. You can read more about the results of treatment at Castle Craig.

Treatment is reimbursed

Treatment at Castle Craig is usually reimbursed by the health insurance company. We have contracts with almost all health insurers. Even if there is no contract, your treatment will be reimbursed, sometimes the registration takes a little longer. You can read more information about this reimbursement by the health insurer you can find here.

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