Accessibility statement

How we make our website accessible

This accessibility statement was drawn up on October 1, 2021.

What is digital accessibility?

“Every person has the right to live like everyone else and to participate in society.” (Source:

Digital accessibility aims to help people with disabilities to use digital information. By disabilities we mean, among other things, blindness or inability to see well, deafness or inability to hear, difficulty in learning, cognitive disabilities, difficulty in moving, difficulty in speaking, sensitivity to light or combinations of these. We want everyone to have the opportunity to use online platforms. That's why we try to make [application] as accessible as possible.

To which products does this statement apply?

This statement applies to:

Making and keeping our website accessible is an ongoing task. We try step by step to improve the webpage in terms of accessibility. Below you will find an overview of what has already been done, what we are currently working on and what we will improve in the future.

What has already been done?

  • The website: The font is adjustable in size for people who are less able to see (through settings in the browser), almost all places on our website can be reached via your keyboard (by tabbing), the website is available on the computer, good viewing as on a tablet, as on a phone, the layout of the pages is simple and the titles are clear. The website can also be viewed on the most popular web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox).

What are we improving?

At the moment, in collaboration with the supplier, we are working on the following improvements for the website:

  • Improve accessibility for people using a screen reader (for example, blind people).
  • Improve readability for people with color blindness by increasing the contrast between the text color and the background color.

What do we want to improve in the future?

There are a few more important points that we want to improve in the future:

  • The accessibility of our PDF files.
  • Adding captions to videos for people who are deaf or cannot hear well. Adding transcription to sound clips. (Videos are offered through Vimeo. That platform also has its own Accessibility Statement.)

How will we work on accessibility in the future?

The new functionalities that we are developing will be immediately more accessible. Our designers and software developers are using more and more of the guidelines that exist for accessibility. When existing functionalities are adapted or renewed, they will also be made more accessible. In doing so, we adhere to the applicable standards; namely WCAG 2.1.

Accessibility exceptions.

A deliberate exception in the area of ​​accessibility is the language level on the website. Because the website is used as a client portal in mental health care, we cannot rule out that certain terms do not meet a desired language level. The use of jargon is insurmountable in some cases.

Improvements and feedback.

We are aware that we still need to make a number of important improvements in order to be easily accessible for people with disabilities. We are open to tips and feedback. You can send it to Do you want to know more about digital accessibility? Consult the Digiaccessibility website: