Our mission and vision


Castle Craig is a healthcare facility true alcoholism and other addictions are treated as a physical, mental and spiritual illness.

The goal of treatment is for patients to recover fully and improve their quality of life. We are convinced that withholding resources and the continued support from the 12-step program are essential.

The treatment consists of a unique mixture of behavioral sciences, medical care and the 12 steps of the self-help groups.


At Castle Craig, we provide expert and respectful care, always with the patient in mind. We tailor our care to the individual needs of the patient and thus offer a demand-oriented offer. Our treatment offering involves the family in the treatment so that the whole system is restorative.

Addiction is a destructive disease that affects the addicted person and those involved. Our expert multidisciplinary team provides professional assistance in an outpatient and / or clinical setting where lives are transformed and hope for recovery is regained.