The patient satisfaction rating


Of our patients achieve abstinence

Our results

Overall rating: 8,8 / 10

Treatment: 4,9 / 5

Deciding together: 4,7 / 5

Execution treatment: 4,7 / 5

Treatment information: 4,5 / 5

We use the Consumer Quality Index (CQI) questionnaire as a measuring instrument to monitor patient satisfaction. Based on this questionnaire, Castle Craig's outpatient treatment received an average score of 9.

Our ROM results

Routine Outcome Monitoring is the way we collect the results of our care. We use the measuring instrument MATE (Measuring Addictions for Triage and Evaluation) for this. We score excellently in many areas and above the national average. Below you will find the ROM results of the past years.

PDF ROM results Castle Craig 2023 
PDF ROM results Castle Craig 2018/2019
PDF ROM results Castle Craig 2018
PDF Rom Results Castle Craig 2017
PDF Rom Results Castle Craig 2016
PDF Rom Results Castle Craig 2015

CHRISTO Outcomes Study

Before the introduction of the MATE measuring instrument, we performed measurements using the Christo Inventory for Substance-misuse Services. Below you will find the results of previous years.

PDF CHRISTO results study 2013
PDF CHRISTO results study 2012
PDF CHRISTO results study 2011
PDF CHRISTO results study 2010
PDF CHRISTO results study 2009
PDF CHRISTO cocaine results study 2007

Audits and certification

In addition to results studies, we also look at how we keep the quality of our care high. This is done, for example, on the basis of the external audit for our quality management system. The health care inspection service also visits us.

Audit report HKZ 2023
Audit report HKZ 2022
Audit report HKZ 2018
Certificate HKZ 2018
Audit report HKZ 2017
Report of the inspection visit on March 20, 2017
PDF HKZ certificate 2016
Audit report HKZ 2016

Quality and governance Castle Craig Hospital

With this link you will find information on the governance of the clinic in Scotland. Inspection reports and accreditations can also be found here.