About Castle Craig

Addiction is a destructive disease, which harms the individual as well as the family and environment. The disease manifests itself both physically and mentally and is unfortunately chronic and progressive. Fortunately, addictions are treatable. Our expert multidisciplinary team provides professional treatment in an environment where lives are changed and hope is restored for a alcohol– and drug-free living.

Frances Beek, director of Castle Craig Netherlands

Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland was founded in 1988 and in the year 2000 the clinic was admitted to the Dutch market as the first foreign addiction care provider. The first branch was opened in The Hague where treatments were offered. Castle Craig is the first clinic to open its doors in the Netherlands according to the 12-step model. Later, outpatient clinics were also opened in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and Roermond and Zeist now have branches. The clinic is also represented in Europe in Malta, London, Sweden, Romania, Belgium, Ireland and France.

Castle Craig is one of the most renowned addiction treatment clinics in Europe.