AA Netherlands

What is AA?

 AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous. The AA is a community of people who share their experience, strength and hope. The premise is that by helping others, participants also help themselves and promote their recovery. Also in the Netherlands there are AA groups where you can find support if you have problems with alcohol. Castle Craig and AA are not linked, but share the vision of recovery from addiction.

AA Netherlands

AA meetings can be found in all cities and towns in the Netherlands. These can also be found online. The meetings are for and by (recovering) alcoholics and are free. AA is not affiliated with churches or (relief) organizations. For example, Castle Craig is not affiliated with AA, but we do include the ideas of the 12 steps in our treatment and we would like patients who leave us to find further recovery within AA.

At Castle Craig, a professional and motivated team of specialists (sometimes experience experts) is ready to help you with alcoholism and other types of addictions. For more information about treatments, please visit the page intake and advice.

Can you just step into AA?

There are no conditions for attending AA meetings, except that you must have a desire to stop drinking. 


Alcohol addiction
A alcohol addiction is a disease that makes it impossible to live without alcohol. People addicted to alcohol have become dependent on drink and its effects in their daily lives. It is often said that alcohol addicts try to drown their feelings. The drug has an effect on the part of the brain that controls behavior and feelings. 

Body and mind are often so used to the constant presence of alcohol that just stopping alcohol is not advisable. If you do stop suddenly, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can be both mental and physical, making it difficult not to relapse. It can also be so intense that it is dangerous to stop just like that. Seeking professional help is not only the first step toward a sober future, it is also important for safe withdrawal and a good foundation for recovery.


Other AAs in the Netherlands

In addition to AA, there are similar 'fellowships' for people struggling with addiction. For example, there are also NA, CA and GA (narcotics, cocaine, gambling) and much more. All of these self-help groups use the 12-step solution for addiction recovery. 

If you want to visit an AA meeting you can do so here:
AA: https://aa-nederland.nl/online-aa-meetings/

For other resources you can go to:
AT: https://www.na-holland.nl/#/meetings (narcotics)
HERE: https://ca-holland.nl/online-meetings/ (cocaine)