The 12 steps

The 12 steps below are from AA. The starting point is complete abstinence and the model incorporates spiritual values ​​such as openness, connectedness, honesty and hope. These 12 steps are also applied during treatment at Castle Craig.

What are the 12 steps?

These are the principles associated with the 12 steps.

Step 1 Honesty: Acknowledge your problems
Step 2 Heap: Accept that you need help
Step 3 Trust: Accept this help
Step 4 Courage: Take stock of your life
Step 5 Integrity: Discuss that balance with a third party
Step 6 Willingness: Find the strength to work on your shortcomings
Step 7 Humility: Take responsibility for your actions
Step 8 Forgiveness: Make a list of everyone you have harmed
Step 9 Righteousness: Whenever possible, make amends to these people
Step 10 Perseverance: Take a personal inventory daily and acknowledge your mistakes
Step 11 Spirituality: Find peace in your life, through meditation or prayer
Step 12 Service: Help others as you have been helped


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