Mindfulness Meditation, Burnout & Stress

Stress and burnout

Modern life is stressful and it’s easy to lose perspective of the things that matter. Like your ‘self’.  We work longer hours, eat lunch on the go, at our desks, we drink caffeine for a boost and go to the gym to ‘relax’.  We turn on the TV as soon as we get home, we …

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“We Transform Lives”

In this new video Maryam Ghaffari, a therapist at Castle Craig, describes the complications of living with addiction – as well as the transformation that can follow successful treatment. As a therapist who treats people with alcoholism and drug addiction every day, Maryam knows how complicated life is when addiction takes hold:

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Is Neurogenesis the Key to Recovery?

effects of addiction on the brain, neurogenesis

Until very recently experts had got the neuroscience of addiction and brain damage wrong on two counts.  A simple solution expanded by an influential addiction Guru in the 1990’s, was that brain atropy was simply dehydration and could quickly correct itself.  This is shown to be totally wrong but services were put in place and …

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What Does “Success” Mean When it Comes to Rehab & Recovery?

Measuring alcohol and drug rehab success rates

The Fix recently published an article entitled “Can You Trust Rehab Stats?” that rips into Scientology-linked rehab centre, Suncoast, for claiming that they have a 76% success rate.  We thought this article threw up lots of interesting ideas, the first of which is: what qualifies as “success” when it comes to rehab and recovery?

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A Walk In The Park Could Save Millions

A leading mental health charity says that going for a walk could save the NHS millions of pounds a year. According to MIND, British doctors wrote out 31 million prescriptions for anti-depressant drugs in 2006 – and the charity believes that doctors should prescribe more ecotherapy (in other words, regular walks in a green park) …

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