Happy Christmas!

Rehab Clinic Scotland

The Directors and Staff at Castle Craig wish all our current and former patients and their families a Very Peaceful and Happy Christmas!

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Mindfulness and Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Mindfulness is type of meditation that enables people to connect with their body, through their mind.  It is being aware of the full feeling of this moment, without judgement. Mindfulness is accessible and can be combined into everyday life.  Mindful living happens through awareness, acceptance, and self-compassion.

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Mindfulness Meditation, Burnout & Stress

Stress and burnout

Modern life is stressful and it’s easy to lose perspective of the things that matter. Like your ‘self’.  We work longer hours, eat lunch on the go, at our desks, we drink caffeine for a boost and go to the gym to ‘relax’.  We turn on the TV as soon as we get home, we …

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